New FBR Video: A Revolutionary Look At Pitching Biomechanics

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Attractor-Based Biomechanics will change the way you view, teach and learn pitching mechanics forever. 

Grounded in leading edge skill acquisition science, this 15-minute instructional video will reveal the FBR Dynamic Systems Theory approach to training world-class pitchers.

Think of it as using differential calculus to teach and learn pitching ... but making it as simple as skipping rocks!!

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What This Video Has to Offer

Pitching coaches can sometimes waste valuable training time and create training corruption that inhibits learning and performance by focusing on things that don't really matter. Every human movement has components that must be stable (attractors) and parts that can be variable (fluctuations). Get the attractors stable and the movement automatically becomes more efficient. Attractor Biomechanics introduces and describes seven pitching atttractors that, when trained and stabilized, can unlock velocity, command and secondary filth and take your performance to levels you never dreamed possible.  

Increase Your Velocity

Florida Baseball Ranch® students gain an average of 4.5 mph in 8 weeks.

Improve Your Command

Ranch students improve strike to ball ratios by an average of 13% in 8 weeks.

Eliminate Arm Pain

We litearlly wrote the book on arm pain management. 92% of all FBR students who report with pain see complete alleviation within 2 weeks.

Earn Scholarships/Get Drafted

Ranch guys have earned millions in college baseball scholarships and have garnered over $13.5 million in pro signing bonuses over the past 2 years.

“This video gave me a new perspective on throwing biomechanics. It's truly brilliant, next-level stuff. ”

Jay W. - College Baseball Pitching Coach

About Me

“My name is Randy Sullivan and I am the founder and CEO of the Florida Baseball Ranch®. I'm a physical therapist, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Certified Sports Nutrtion Specialist, and Baseball Instructor, and Skill Acquisition Expert. I want to help you unlock your potential and develop into a nasty, dominant pitcher, while keeping your arm safe and healthy. This video will show you how."

— Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

FBR's Attractor Biomechanics video is only $4.99 until 11:59 pm on July 1st, 2018

Why wait? For $4.99 you can't go wrong. Looking to increase you velocity, improve command or eliminate arm pain? The Florida Baseball Ranch® is just for you and this video is a great place to start.

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