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What is the Florida Baseball Ranch®/SOS Baseball Skill Acquisition Summit?

In case you've been living under a rock, here's how the whole idea got started:

In December of 2015, Frans Bosch, a professor of biomechanics at The Fontys University in The Netherlands, and one of the world's most preeminent skill acquisiton specialists, traveled to the The Texas Baseball Ranch® as the keynote speaker for a baseball coaches' boot camp. 

After outlining the basics for a few minutes, Frans stood confidently on the stage. He looked out at the nearly 200 baseball coaches in attendance -- men who make their living telling athletes how do something, watching them do it, then telling them how to do it better -- and in his classic Dutch accent he boldly stated, 

"The body has very little interest in what the coach has to say." 

The silence was deafening and the sense of uneasiness in the room was palpable. Heads, turned. Coaches shuffled papers and whispered muted astonishment. Undeterred, Frans pressed on, declaring:

"Over 300 studies have shown that the best performers are the ones that don't listen to their coach."  

Frans was not suggesting that successful players are disrespectful of their coach's well-intentioned instruction. His point was that motor learning research clearly indicates that in many cases, even the most brilliant verbal/cognitive cueing from a coach can be corruptive. This is especially true in skills like hitting and pitching, where the time constraints of the task don't allow room for thought. 

After conversations with Frans and other enlightend thinkers and coaches in The Dutch National Baseball and Softball Federations (now known as Strength of Skills), we were compelled to create a motor learning and skill acquisition conference specifically for baseball. Our goal was to equip coaches and medical professionals involved in baseball with the knowledge and tools needed to design practices and rehabilitaton protocols that optimize and expedite talent development, while minimizing their risk of injury. 

The 2018 inaugural event was a raging success and led to 3 of the panel speakers being hired as special consultants for MLB teams. 

And now, we have some great news ... 

Since the first Summit, the four Dutch presenters, Frans Bosch, Martijn Nijhoff, Paul Venner, and Bart Hanegraaff have become equal partners in a new enterprise they call Strength Of Skill®. Their mission is to share their knowledge of motor learning and skill acquisition science through consultation services with amateur and professional baseball organizations around the world. 

On October 12-13, 2019, Strength of Skill® (SOS) will join forces with The Florida Baseball Ranch® for the Second Annual FBR/SOS Baseball Skill Acquisiton Summit.

The 2019 speaker panel is finalized! 

Thankfully, every 2018 presenter has agreed to participate again. Each member of the original gang has redoubled his efforts in research, innovation, and application of ecological dynamics principles

If you thought last year's information was good, wait until you see what we have in store for you in Summit 2.  

Every segment of the experience will be stock full of new ideas and training principles that will rock the baseball training universe. 

Many of the new ideas will come from Frans Bosch's new book, The Anatomy of Agility (not yet released)! You'll be the first to get this game-changing information.

  • We'll dive deeper into the biomechanical concepts of force sharing, co-contraction, and the force-multiplying, properties of biotensegrity.
  • We'll dig further into the motor learning precepts of representative design, perception - action coupling, practice variablity, visual perception, feedback, and implicit learning. We'll share dozens of new insights, which have emerged since the last Summit. 
  • We'll present real-life case studies showing you how to conduct physical and biomechanical analyses using a dynamical systems approach. 
  • We'll provide clear, easy-to-implement strategies for integrating strength and skill development in pitchers and hitters. 
  • We'll present innovative training strategies designed to provide crucial information for eliciting the adaptation of the fundamental building blocks of athleticism -- a key to maximizing player development. 
  • We'll show you how to link the information from all parts of a multi-faceted assessment and turn those connections into hyper-individualized training plans that guarantee optimal return on training time. 
  • We'll demonstrate novel self-organization techniques for developing motor control and coordination while reducing injury risk.
  • We'll also reveal an exciting new data-driven algorithm for objectively evaluating and predicting readiness for increased workload in any pitcher.
  • And so much more ... 

As a Summit 2 attendee, you'll leave with a treasure-trove of actionable ideas and plans for revolutionizing player development at all levels.

You'll be able to take what you learn directly from the classroom to the gym, training facility, or field. You'll become a better, more enlightened coach, and your players' strength and skill development will explode. 

This is an opportunity you won't want to miss. 



Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think about baseball training.

Frans Bosch

Motor Learning and Skill Acquisiton Expert

Professor of Biomechanics, The Fontys University, The Netherlands 

Rob Gray 

Motor learning and skill acquisiton expert.

Perception Action Podcast, 

Faculty member, Arizona State University

Martijn Nijhoff

Technical Director, Dutch Olympic Softball and Baseball Talent High Perfromance Center

Perception-Action Expert

Faculty member The Fontys University, The Netherlands

Paul Venner

Head of Athletic Performance, Dutch Baseball

Founder Ultimateinstability

Bart Hanegraaff

Motor Learning and Skill Acquisiton Expert

Hitting Coach

Dutch Baseball and Softball

Randy Sullivan, MPT, CSCS

Founder and CEO

The Florida Baseball Ranch®

Plant City, FL

Ron Wolforth

Founder and CEO

The Texas Baseball Ranch®

Montgomery, TX

The Florida Baseball Ranch®/SOS 2019 Baseaball Skill Acquisition Conference brings hundreds of innovative coaches, medical practicioners, thought leaders, and key influencers together for a three-day journey that will bridge the gap between Dynamic Systems Theory and application. It is an immersive and invaluable experience that funnels the information from scientific theory down to "boots on the ground" actionable plans.  

Friday and Saturday events will include keynote presentations and panels from some of the brightest minds in baseball skill acquisition theory. On Sunday, we'll put it all together and show you how to implement the concepts with real-life case studies and four separate practical application rotations.

Saturday, October 12 , 2019: Hilton Garden Inn, 3839 Don Emerson Dr, Lakeland, FL 33811

7:30am-8:00am Registration

8:00am-5:30pm: Theory/Applications Lectures

5:30pm-6:30pm: Panel Discussion

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Sunday, October 13, 2019: Florida Baseball Ranch, 1411 S Wiggins Rd, Plant City FL 33603 (2 miles from Hilton Garden Inn)

8am-8:30am: Coffee and Donuts

830am-9:00am: Review and Weclome

9:00am-2:00pm: Practical Rotations


The Florida Baseball Ranch

1411 S Wiggins Rd

Plant City, Florida, 33566



Day 1 and 2 of the Skill Acqusition Summit will be held at The Hilton Garden Inn. Day 3 will take place at The Florida Baseball Ranch® in the heart of central Florida's strawberry country. Just 3 miles south of I-4 and 1 mile west of County Line Road, the Ranch is approximately a 40 minute drive from both the Orlando and Tampa airports. 


Staybridge Suites 3855 Don Emerson Drive Lakeland, Florida 33811 863-225-2886

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